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Game over? Next goal wins.

This trip has been a lot of fun but it is really over now. For those of you who came along for the ride and followed us on our outdoor hockey adventure, thanks a lot! For those of you who just stumbled upon this blog in some beautiful future, welcome!

In either case, we thought we should write a quick post to put a cap on things and also link to some of our favourite content from the blog.

If you have absolutely no idea what this site is about, you might want to check out our first post right here. Alternatively, you can listen to us try to explain our trip to a group of francophone high school students in Trois-Rivieres.

A couple of our funnier posts went down because of escapades in Montreal. In this podcast, we talk about all of the annoying things that some players do on the ice. Here, we formalize the rules of outdoor hockey into ten mostly-satirical commandments. In these audio clips, Ryan explains Mark’s many injuries and their hilarious causes.

Our time in Toronto was all about rules and the institutionalization of outdoor hockey by the City. In this podcast, we discover the trend in an awkward way. In this podcast, we find someone who has figured out ways around the trend.

Our visit to Ottawa gave us some big dreams. We challenged the Prime Minister to a game of outdoor hockey and we thought about illegally playing hockey on the Rideau Canal.

Ah, yes, and then there were our articles for the Halifax Chronicle Herald. In chronological order, we wrote about a man who invested more that $100,000 dollars into his backyard rink in Northern Ontario, a city with the most sophisticated and infuriatingly bureaucratic system of outdoor rinks in the entire world, a park where volunteer flooding has been turned into a science (except when the hose breaks), the death of hockey’s innocence in Montreal, our linguistic misadventures in the heart of Quebec, diversity in outdoor hockey, outdoor rinks and climate change and finally the incredibly cool World Pond Hockey Championship in New Brunswick.

In Fredericton, we found a couple of experts who talked to us about interesting parts of the game that we hadn’t thought much about. Here, we had a conversation with a man named Jim Morrell who told us about how important outdoor hockey can be in developing skills. Here and here, we went on an outdoor hockey sociological odyssey with UNB sports history prof Fred Mason.

Any road trip results in funny conversations in the car. Two of our more interesting chats that we caught on tape were about windshield wiper fluid and clementines.

We also had some fun throughout the trip thinking about more philosophical sides of outdoor hockey. Here we talk about found rinks versus made rinks. Here we talk about how it can be weird to try to write about outdoor hockey. And here we have a conversation about erotic pursuits on the ice rink. Okay, maybe there’s nothing philosophical about that last one.

There are some other good things on the site too (like the winning entries to our writing contest, some sweet Montreal photos, a bunch of great links to external content, and a funny conversation that went down while we were flooding an Ottawa rink), but we’ll let you go find all that stuff yourself!

So see you out there. And bring pucks.


Ryan and Mark


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One thought on “Game over? Next goal wins.

  1. Carolyn on said:

    I am going to miss hearing about your adventures. Promise me another series about western rinks sometime in the future and I will enjoy looking forward to it.

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