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Halifax, NS: In Search of Lost Ice

We went to beautiful Point Pleasant Park yesterday in the hopes of playing some hockey. We had heard that there was a time before amalgamation when Quarry Pond had been maintained as a skating rink by the city. The pond is just in off of Point Pleasant Drive. It is a gorgeous spot, sheltered from the wind but exposed to the bright winter sunlight.

Here’s what we found:

The ice was thick and potentially skateable, except for the debris littering the surface and rocks jutting up, threatening to destroy wandering skate blades. We tried to chip away at some of the junk and a nice dog appeared to help us.

After our canine companion abandoned the effort, we eventually gave up, too. We accepted that we could only dream of hockey on Quarry Pond.

That said, it really would not take much of an investment to make the rink usable once again: a little flooding to get the rocks below the surface, enforcement of the “Do Not Throw Wood in Pond” sign, a lamp post, and maybe a couple of hockey nets. Yes, that would do it…

But don’t be misled by our failure. Nova Scotia, when the weather is right, does have good outdoor hockey rinks. Check out this article in the Coast to see profiles of some of the best backyard spots.


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One thought on “Halifax, NS: In Search of Lost Ice

  1. CAROLYN INCH on said:

    Did that dog come with an owner? Good idea for a project next winter.

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