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Most amazing shinny experience

What was the best game of shinny that you’ve ever played? Was it on a frozen lake in the middle of nowhere? Was it under a bridge on the Rideau Canal? What made it so good? Did you score the winning goal? Did your opponent fall through the ice? Did you fall in love (with hockey)?

Since we’ve been sharing our outdoor hockey experiences with you for a whole month now, we want to open things up a bit and hear about your best outdoor hockey games.

Entries can be of any length, but at least 150 words would allow you get some description down and communicate the awesomeness. Points will be awarded for poetic descriptions of scenery and lack of hockey cliché (nothing that would make Don Cherry cry, please).

We also accept fiction entries! For that category, humour will be the primary criterion.

The winner(s) will be featured here on the blog and each will receive an OUTDOOR HOCKEY ULTIMATE PRIZE PACK. You’ve got ten days! Entries can be sent to ryan.w.lum@gmail.com by Friday, February 10th at NOON (Ryan says noon is a serious deadline time so we’re going with that).

Game on!


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