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Fredericton, NB: Ten Commandments

You may have heard the podcast we produced last week where we handed out first and worst stars to some of the people we had been playing with in Montreal. Having received very positive feedback (from Mark’s father), we decided to formalize and codify the precepts of outdoor hockey etiquette.

Now you might interject, “there can be no rules for outdoor hockey! It is precisely its unregulated nature that makes it so wonderful!” Yes, you are right. But we feel that, like any unregulated activity, there are certain conventions that must be appreciated in order for everyone to get along and perform at their best.

Having traversed the frozen land and seen what is Good and what is Not Good, we bring you this wisdom! Behold, the Ten Commandments of Outdoor Hockey:

I. Thou shalt shovel

II. Thou shalt not raise a puck against thy neighbour

III. When there are many, thou shalt share the ice fairly and in equal amounts of time

IV. Thou shalt divideth all the peoples unto two squads and those squads shall be equal in strength

V. Though shalt pass and let pass to your neighbour’s son or daughter

VI. Thou shalt not mixeth thy stick with the snowbank when another doth mixeth theirs

VII. Thou shalt not swing thy stick in the air like a lunatic

 VIII. Thou shalt not worship thine own skills

IX. After the flood, thou shalt wait for the waters to turn to stone before you walk upon them with your blades

X. Thou shalt love those who cast the water upon the earth and bring life to the world of hockey


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