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Montreal, QC: Game Stars!!

So we just played at the rink in Parc Jeanne-Mance and we had a good game.

On our way home, we decided we would hand out stars to some of the people we played with. We’ve always wanted to do this formally in other outdoor games we’ve played, because it’s sort of sad that you play with these people and you share lovely moments of chemistry and determination and failure and all that, and then you turn around and go home and never see them again and never honour those beautiful connections you made.

We also wanted to hand out some primo jerk awards because, inversely, you can run into all kinds of unsavoury people at a public recreational facility like an outdoor rink.

So here we give player of the game awards—and worsts of the match—because we’ll never see these people again!


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2 thoughts on “Montreal, QC: Game Stars!!

  1. hmm.. okay.. Ryan. I’ve never met you ~ (maybe because the rest of the family runs and hides when I come around) but was confused with your term of “safardic”???

    Good blog though guys! Keep up the good work

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