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Last post on Toronto, we promise

Before we move on to Ottawa, Montreal, la Belle Province and the Maritimes, it is worth pausing to share just one further observation about Toronto outdoor hockey culture: people in Toronto love their neighbourhood rinks. This is obviously true outside the big city, but the response to the idea of our outdoor hockey trip in Toronto specifically was always the same: “Oh, cool. But you know what? You’ve got to go to my rink.”

(photo credit: Aviva Coopersmith)

In a city of 51 compressor-cooled outdoor rinks, this added up to a little more than we could handle. But we still appreciated the suggestions: Andrew told us that we had to play at Kew Beach, Aviva said that we could not miss Withrow, Jacob insisted that we visit Swansea and Ella convinced us to spend an afternoon at Dufferin Grove.

The kicker here was that not all of these people even played hockey. Just growing up down the block from an outdoor rink, seeing the activity and witnessing the life cycle of the ice for years on end seems to be enough to make people care about their rinks.

Andrew insisted on drawing us this map to his rink (on recycled LCBO bag paper). We’ll share it with you in case you are in Toronto anytime soon:

Andrew's Great Map!


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One thought on “Last post on Toronto, we promise

  1. john dance on said:

    Listening to the flooding audio I couldn’t help but think you guys are real “hosers” but it’s a Canadian thing ……

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