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Toronto, ON: Rink Rules Podcast

In Ottawa, we grew up playing hockey on outdoor rinks where you just show up and play. Check out our most recent podcast to see how differently things can be done.

Rules of conduct at a Toronto rink. Click for larger image.


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2 thoughts on “Toronto, ON: Rink Rules Podcast

  1. carolyn inch on said:

    Today is the first for skating in Ottawa`s Windsor Park (Ryan`s home ice). When I think of the little crowd down there a few minutes ago – a couple of dad`s with kids supported by their hockey sticks playing between some keen teens who were bursting to let loose but kept passing to the falling tykes – I realize that we are privileged. Sure the season will be shorter but the sense of community is hard to beat. That said, Toronto has made a great investment for the health of its citizens and, as Mark says at the end `how else could they do it with 2.5 M folks>?.
    Congrats boys. You are exposing the inventive ways of Canadians to quench their thirst for our national sport.

  2. whitey on said:

    Well Mark, Brantwood opened yesterday as well…..also to the multi aged, multi skilled, multi cooperative games, as usual. Don’t know what your Dad or I would do if we were in Toronto, as our skill level would be most appropriate for the 6-10 year old game ! Well, I’m off to the rink…..livin the life ! Keep up the hard play !!

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