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North Bay, ON: Windshield Wiper Fluid

Needless to say, we did a rigorous budgeting of our hockey road trip before we departed. But click here to hear about the one thing that we might have left out of our calculations.

Salty streaks run down our windshield in the North Bay Tim Horton's parking lot, prompting a discussion about windshield wiper fluid.


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5 thoughts on “North Bay, ON: Windshield Wiper Fluid

  1. If you ‘cut’ the wind shield washer fluid with water (say 7 parts washer fluid with 3 parts water) it’ll make it last longer. *G* Just remember the colder it gets the more concentrated you want the fluid…

  2. carolyn inch on said:

    Hi Auntie Marg
    What time zone are you in? Its New Years night at 1:22 here in Ottawa and you posted your comment at 2:15. Are you in Newfoundland?
    Thanks for the tip on wsw. Guess you have to look at the long term forecast before you try that.
    Carolyn (Ryan`s mom in Ottawa)
    ps hi boys – love the insights – can hardly wait to here why Toronto is next.

  3. whitey on said:

    …hey you hosers….great sound clip….bob and doug mckenzie reborn, 2012…”take off to the great white north”….and have a blast doing it, dave.

  4. john dance on said:

    Obviously Auntie Marg lives on the balmy west coast where they don’t have to worry about the windshield wiper freezing on your windshield when it squirts out (or freezing in the reservoir) …

  5. This would have made a great song. When do we get to hear the windshield wiper song?

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