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Ottawa, ON: Introduction to the Game

We’re going on a trip! An outdoor hockey trip! An outdoor hockey journalism trip!

My good friend Ryan and I are leaving tomorrow morning on a two-month, seven-province tour of outdoor hockey rinks from Saskatoon to Halifax. We’re going to be writing about the places we go and the hockey we play, the people we meet and the ditches we get stuck in.

We think that outdoor hockey rinks are amazing. Somehow appearing on the most frigid and inhospitable landscapes, they create spaces for speed, finesse and community. Outdoor hockey is different from its structured, indoor cousin; it is spontaneous, self-organizing and free. As Kidd and McFarlane wrote, it is “an affirmation that despite the deathly chill of winter we are alive.”

We’re also going to be writing about how outdoor hockey and its culture relates to other important Canadian things: history, politics, the arts and the environment. We’re going to write about whatever we find out there on the rink.

Come along on the trip: our columns will be published each week in the Halifax Chronicle Herald (which we’ll link to here) but we’re going to save most of our best and most interesting stories, photos and interviews exclusively for this blog. We’re also going to have a sweet map of our travels, so you can monitor our progress and see what lakes we fall in.

So come back soon! And in the mean time, keep your stick on the ice.



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3 thoughts on “Ottawa, ON: Introduction to the Game

  1. Auntie Marg on said:

    Love this idea, Mark!

    Will be tracking your progress. Keep up the updates

  2. gary lum on said:

    Have a great adventure guys. Hope your stay with Ed and Tinna was warm and informative.

  3. greig clark on said:

    As a Saturday morning regular at Ramsden Rink in Toronto I will be glad to follow your progress. Only problem with the nice weather we have been having lately is that it brings out TOO many good players. 13 on each bench this past saturday at ramsden ( near rosedale subway)

    greig clark

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